Moffy pure soft diapers

2023-12-06 03:02

How to have diapers with beautiful appearance and good product quality?

I believe that for most novice mothers, a high appearance level of products will attract attention. But often products with a high level of appearance can be expensive and uncomfortable to wear. In line with the principle of quality and service first, we have produced a batch of diaper products in line with the national standards. You can see from the image below that the appearance level of the product is very high.

baby diapers

We each diapers core used polymer materials (SAP itself is a kind of can absorb the weight itself of hundreds to thousands of times the liquid absorption material, absorb urine and lock urine, keep diapers dry), can be very good reduce baby red fart, can do breathable impermeable, let the baby in a suitable environment. The mixture of the wood pulp and the polymer material allows the water to be absorbed quickly, and then the polymer locks in the water firmly to keep it dry and moist.

Now introduce our pure soft diapers:





22 pcs

30 pcs





Name: Baby Diaper

Brand: Moffy


Model No.: CR-022

SKU: 5060754270512

Packing: 22 pcs/bag, 12 bags/ctn

Apply Baby Weight: 5kg

Absorption volume: 500ml



Name: Baby Diaper

Brand: Moffy


Model No.: CR-030

SKU: 5060754270529

Packing: 30 pcs/bag, 9 bags/ctn

Apply Baby Weight: 4-8 kg

Absorption volume: 500ml


The products of this series are mainly economical, and the diapers are comfortable and soft, dry and not exciting.

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