Baby Best Absorbency Diapers

  • Moffy
  • Foshan, China
  • 30 days after down payment
  • 20 million pcs/month
  • 50,000 Pcs
  • BALI E-Catalogue.pdf

1. Pull ups 2t 3t are convenient and easy to wear: the pull up pants are designed with zipper or snap button, which is very convenient to put on and take off without twisting or fastening buttons, especially suitable for infants and young children.


Moffy Huge Absorption Series Baby Diaper Pants

Product Details

Fit Baby's Weight(kg)4-8kg
Fit Baby's Waist(cm)≧45cm

Non-woven fabric, SAP, Natural Pulp

Air breathable PE film, Natral Elastic Band.

Baby Diapers

Best Diapers for Absorption

The breathability and moisture absorption of pull-up pants are also excellent. It uses high-quality soft material, which can effectively absorb and lock the urine, keeping your baby's skin dry and comfortable. At the same time, there is a special moisture-absorbing layer inside the pull-up pants, which can quickly disperse urine and avoid problems such as urine clots and diaper rash.

The parents choice pull ups also feature a leak-proof design. It has soft elastic sides on the legs and waist, which can closely fit the baby's body and effectively prevent side leakage of urine. The pull-up pants also have a special anti-side leakage layer, which can provide extra protection and prevent urine leakage.

Best Diapers for Absorption

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