Ultra Soft Little Angel Diaper Pants Size L Megapack

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  • Foshan,China
  • 30 days after down payment
  • 20 million pcs/month
  • 50,000 Pcs
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1.Soft and comfort: two levels of soft surface to protect the baby's skin. 2.Super absorbent: the middle absorbent pad of the diaper can absorb 500ml water. 3.No allergy: the material is anti-allergic, no red on baby’s bum. 4.Breathable: the surface is breathable to keep the baby’s bum dry.


Moffy Pure Soft Series Baby Diaper Pants

Product Details

Fit Baby's Weight(kg)9-14kg
Fit Baby's Waist(cm)≧51cm

Non-woven fabric, SAP, Natural Pulp

Air breathable PE film, Natral Elastic Band.

Baby Diapers

ultra Soft Diapers

There are several ways to judge soft diapers:

1. Touch feeling: Touch the surface of the diaper with your hands, the soft diaper should feel very soft and smooth, without rough or hard feeling.

2. Flexibility: Bend the diaper, a soft diaper should be able to bend easily with no noticeable resistance.

3. Foldability: When the diaper is folded, the soft diaper should be able to be easily folded into small pieces without obvious stiffness.

4. Thickness: Soft diapers are usually thinner because soft materials usually don't need much thickness to provide comfort.

5. Material: Soft diapers are usually made of soft natural fiber materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These materials are soft, smooth and suitable for your baby's delicate skin.

It should be noted that softness is only one aspect of judging the texture of diapers, and other factors such as hygroscopicity, air permeability, and safety of diapers should also be considered comprehensively to choose high-quality diapers suitable for babies.

Baby Diapers

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