newborn ultra-thin super absorbent diaper

  • Moffy
  • Foshan, China
  • 30 days after down payment
  • 20 million pcs/month
  • 50,000 Pcs
  • BALI E-Catalogue.pdf

1.Soft and comfort: two levels of soft surface to protect the baby's skin. 2.Super absorbent: the middle absorbent pad of the diaper can absorb 500ml water. 3.No allergy: the material is anti-allergic, no red on baby’s bum. 4.Breathable: the surface is breathable to keep the baby’s bum dry.


Moffy Huge Absorption Series Baby Diaper

Product Details

Fit Baby's Weight(kg)≤5kg
Fit Baby's Waist(cm)≥42cm

Non-woven fabric, SAP, Natural Pulp

Air breathable PE film, Natral Elastic Band.

Baby Diapers

Extra Absorb Diapers

Pull up diapers are a kind of diaper pants specially designed for babies, also known as diaper pants. It is an easy-to-use and change diaper for babies who are learning to potty. The unique design of the pull-up pants has many advantages and features, and is widely loved by parents.

First of all, the use of pull ups 4t 5t is very convenient. Compared with traditional diapers, pull-up pants can be put on from the waist like pants, without the need to turn the baby over and over. This is especially convenient for newborns who lie flat and cannot turn over, and active babies. In addition, the pull-up pants also have adjustable side straps, which can be adjusted according to the baby's waist to ensure a comfortable fit.

Baby Diapers

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